Tiny House Photo

Tiny House Photo

Friday, April 5, 2013

Organizing (it's not a 4-letter word) ...

Ok, so most people do not like to organize. It's much easier to just shove stuff in a drawer or closet. I happen to love organizing. Call me "disturbed" if you want, but I organize all my storage spaces every weekend. Mostly because I have people coming by to visit every weekend and I just like a tidy space. Below is a pre-weekend pic.

Every time I move to a new home, large or small, there is a transition period while I am sorting out just what goes where. It usually takes me about 6 months. It was no different in the Ynez. As much as I had my floor plan and knew what items were going to be stored in each drawer and closet, it wasn't until I was living in the space that I figured it all out.

For instance, originally I had some clothing in the loft but this wasn't efficient since I was getting dressed on the main floor. Then I had some tools in the clothes closet, this took up too much valuable real-estate. So, out they went to my car (until I had the shed built). There was a time when I had my shoes in neatly stacked plastic boxes. The boxes and several pair of shoes had to go as well. Now I have a shoe-hanger against the wall of the closet, it works much better. The dirty clothes were another issue. I finally found a narrow laundry basket that fits behind a curtain in the bathroom that works perfectly.

Even my parrot (Abby) needed to downsize her big 5' cage. First I tried just removing the legs and placing a small IKEA table with wheels under it. Then she was downsized to a travel cage which is still large enough considering she is able to get out and sit on the door for much of the day. Bird lovers please don't get upset, Abby only has one leg and doesn't really use much of the cage for playing and climbing around. She would rather sit with me or to rest on a comfy towel inside her cage. My little dog (Tilly) also has a crate that sits under Abby's cage. It's like they have bunk beds!  Neither animal seems to mind that they share the same area of the room and this configuration has freed up much needed floor space.

Organizing in my big house would have taken the whole weekend but in my tiny house it is a matter of minutes. With just a few drawers and closets, I am done in no time. Then I am on to the fun stuff.

My son-in-law & I at the Santa Barbara zoo.

Next, I will share my exciting water adventures!

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