Tiny House Photo

Tiny House Photo

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Time for a little exterior TLC

Last fall it was time to do a little exterior re-staining. It's been over a year in my Ynez and I wanted to get another coat on the outside prior to the rainy season. I am hoping this is not a yearly thing! I was under the impression that I would get at least a couple years before this had to be done but I think the very dry heat and blazing sun were just too much.

I also did a little more gravel and a couple flag stones in the high traffic areas. And I still need to find a couple of nice chairs. Wood doesn't last a month here and the resin Adirondack's are cracking in the sun. I don't care for metal so I'm not sure what to do. Got any ideas?

It took a couple of days to re-stain and I had to get some help from my friends but it looks really good. Except for those dirty windows!

Here's a picture of the finished job. Isn't she pretty.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Living the life

Living tiny has allowed me time to enjoy the moments in life.

I recently enjoyed:

Going to a concert at the SB Bowl which is a small outdoor venue. The picture below was when we first arrived. There was wonderful music and a beautiful sunset over the ocean.

Lots of long walks on the ranch. Here are some of my favorite cows. Yes, the female cows have horns to fight off the coyotes and mountain lions that threaten their babies.

Tilly had her first trip to the dog beach. Unfortunately, no one told her that it was fun to run on the beach. She was terrified. Poor little Tilly, she needed a nap after such a stressful day.

I also had dinner at the Cold Spring Tavern which is an historic stagecoach stop from 1865. It was featured on "Ghost Hunters" a few years ago.

I live in such a beautiful place. Living tiny may not be for everyone but for me it's perfect! Well, almost. As in any other wood structure there is maintenance. I will share that list soon.