Tiny House Photo

Tiny House Photo

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's hard to be a recluse in a tiny house

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a recluse. Not a "Howard Hughes" type, more the woman who lives with her cat or in my case her little dog and parrot. This makes me sound really crazy. I am not crazy! Really!

I have always been one who likes to stay at home. No matter what size the home is, 2000 square feet or 136 square feet. With the notoriety I experience in my tiny house, it is overwhelming at times. Don't get me wrong, I love to discuss tiny living with people, but the vast number of people I encounter here on the ranch can monopolize my entire day. So I recently had to put restrictions on my open house visits to the weekends. This allows me to be a bit of a slob during the week. I can come home from work, do my laundry and hang it in the bathroom or let the dishes pile up in the sink. I can work on bills or even a hobby. The dust can coat every surface for a couple days (until I freak out & clean it). I can even curl up on my little storage bench and take a nap with Tilly or Abby. Ahhh, life is good in my little Ynez.

Laundry day

New desk I put together last weekend. Still need to paint or stain.

Nap time! Tilly & Abby last Christmas Eve (dreaming of Santa).

I had to include the last picture even though it is a bit old. They are just so cute when they sleep. You may notice this is before Abby was downsized to a smaller cage (or as I call it Abby & Tilly's bunk beds).


  1. Oh Nancy, Tilly is so adorable! Congrats on your new desk, and your decision to do what you need to do for your peace of mind. The weekends-only open houses sound like a good solution; I hope it works out well. Will you have to just kindly tell people, during the week, that they can have your attention and a tour on the weekend, but not just now? I have always been a home-body too, and really value my privacy and peace. I am determined to have my home be a place of calm and peace (when raising four children it wasn't always that way, lol). By the way, how do you like your washer/dryer? A washer/dryer is something I really want to include in my tiny house.

    1. Keren,

      It has been a year now & it has worked well. I am very glad that I made room for it in my design. As you know my house is only 20' long. So in the effort to keep that size, this is the best option for me.

      Before I moved into my TH I did try the plunger style manual washer & a centrifugal force spin dryer for about 6 months. The space they took up would have been the same as with my combo unit & though the price was cheaper the manual labor was higher than I wanted (in my old age). So, I opted for the combo unit.

      If I had gone with a longer house say 24', I would have likely went with a small stacking unit. The down side of a combo unit is that they just take a long time to cycle. I normally use the wool setting to wash which is 50 minutes & then hang my clothes to dry. After the towels have almost dried I will then put them in the combo unit on dry for a few minutes to make them soft (instead of crunchy).

      And yes I think Tilly's a cutie too. Both Tilly & Abby have been great companions in my TH.

  2. Hi Nanc! I can't imagine you as a slob... even your laundry is neat! Really glad you have a sweet little computer table. Fits perfectly! Are you still happy with your 20', or do you sometimes dream of 22'? I'm glad mom & I slipped our visit in before you got too overwhelmed.

    1. Hi Teri,
      Yes sometimes I do think about a larger house but they are only fleeting thoughts. I still love my tiny cottage all 20' of it. :)