Tiny House Photo

Tiny House Photo

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's a heat wave!

The last few weeks we have had a heat wave on the ranch. Usually, this doesn't happen until August. There have been too many days to count that the heat has been over 100!  Luckily, I have a small window ac unit that has been able to keep up with it. I planned for ac during the build by having this window large enough to hold the smallest unit available at the local big box store. This window is a single hung while the others are awning style. I purchased a Frigidaire unit and it does a great job keeping the lower level very cool. For the loft I place a 6" fan at the edge pulling up the cool air from below. Even with the heat over 100 I can sleep comfortably in the loft.

Does your tiny house design cover all weather conditions?

This hot dry weather has been hard on the old trees here as well. This one split during the night and another fell in the tent camping area. It fell between two tents! Fortunately no one was hurt. Two tents, one air mattress and a sleeping bag were damaged. I can bet the young man who was sleeping on the air mattress was a bit freaked out.

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