Tiny House Photo

Tiny House Photo

Friday, September 20, 2013

Arachnophobics beware!

My favorite time to see the wild life is in the morning. All the animals seem so happy. The birds are chirping. There is usually no one outside and the weather is cool. Often the deer and turkey will be right next to my tiny house though I don't have a picture to prove this. I have also seen silver fox, bobcats and a couple mountain lions! So far, no bear or rattle snakes. Which is ok with me!

A couple days ago I was walking Tilly when we noticed that we had company. Meet Harry! He was about the size of my entire hand. His hair was a very handsome auburn color. He did enjoy getting his picture taken and would stop walking whenever I brought out my cell to take a picture of him. September and October is when they are usually seen. It's the time of year they are out looking for a new mate. As Harry is a handsome tarantula I don't think he will have trouble with the ladies.



  1. Hello Nancy,

    I'm sorry to comment rather than send you a message more directly, but I was directed to your blog a while ago by my mother, Heather Dear, who met you once briefly at Menagerie/SB Bird Sanctuary, where she's a board member. My name is Devon, and I'm in town with my family for the holiday week. My boyfriend and I are really curious about tiny house living and hoping to check out some tiny houses in person, and wondered if there would be a time where we could stop by and take a quick look. Please feel free to contact me at devon.dear@gmail.com.

    Happy Holidays!

    Devon Dear

  2. Hi Nancy, I have been admiring your tiny home via Todd Miller's site, I recently asked him about it and he gave me this address for your blog. I am so glad! I just finished reading every post! Many smiles across my face as I did! I am not new to the Tiny House idea, but new to the tiny house life style. I recently decided to pursue this way of life, and would love to meet with you sometime soon, take you to luck and possibly, if you feel comfortable, I'd love a tour of your tiny home! One thing that excited me after I saw the images and became enamored with your home was that you're in Carpenteria. As it turns out, I'm in Ventura! Would you be open to meeting? You can reach me by email at: youthfulgrace555@gmail.com
    Thank you for all of your entertaining and helpful blog posts! I hope to hear from you…

  3. I sure hope you're planning to continue your blog. It's been a while.

    1. Sometimes life can get distracting. Tell me what you would like to hear about.