Tiny House Photo

Tiny House Photo

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Embracing my dusty lifestyle

One thing I really didn't consider was the dirt factor! Living on the ranch with Tilly can certainly be challenging especially when the rainy season hits. I did have gravel put down on my lot to minimize the mud and Tilly is good about sitting at the door when we come in so I can wipe off her feet but her whole "under carriage" (yes, I am from the auto capitol of the world) becomes a wet muddy mess.

There hasn't been much of a rainy season for the last few years and instead of rain what I am usually dealing with is dirt. As I previously discussed the afternoon winds blow the hot air out of the canyon making the evenings nice and cool. It also creates dirt clouds whipping through the ranch. I no longer open the windows on west side of my cottage (except in the mornings when the air is calm) but I still have to clean the blinds EVERY weekend! And with 12 windows and 11 blinds this does not make me a happy camper. If I had to do it again I would invest in windows with built-in blinds (the blinds are encased between 2 layers of glass, therefore never need to be cleaned). Whoever designed them was a genius!

The consensus among my fellow full-timers is that I must "let it go". Dust is a fact of life in this style of living. Unless, I want to spend time every day just dusting and cleaning blinds. So, if you come by for a visit know, there will be dust.

This is a picture of the "dirty thirties".

OK, not as much as this, but close!

My new mantra: I will embrace my new dusty lifestyle and suppress my urge to constantly try to eliminate it.


  1. I wondered if you had to evacuate for the fire. Sending you good vibes and hoping you and your house are not in any danger.