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Tiny House Photo

Monday, May 13, 2013

High wind advisory!

Recently we had high wind advisories. Because I am located in a canyon area the winds are high every day, usually in the afternoon around 4:00. They are referred to as Santa Ana winds or Sun Downer winds. The winds blow out the hot air and "no-see-ums" for the evening making it nice and cool. Great for sleeping in the loft. So when I heard about the high wind advisory I wasn't really concerned until the howling started. I'm from Michigan and to me it sounded like a tornado. This could be bad, very very bad.

I had been told when I moved in that there had been an incident a few years back where a couple of RVs had flipped over in the wind. I have a steep ravine just a couple feet to the east side of my tiny house and a large gust of wind could topple me right down it, as the winds always come from the west.  I also have a new neighbor to the west in a light-weight 5th wheel that could tumble over into my tiny house. Operative word being "light-weight" (it says so, right on the side of it). For 48 hours I watched and listened to the howling winds. The news said that the gusts were reaching 80-100 mph! That's a category 1 tornado!

I am glad to report that all is well in my Ynez. The minor shaking I did get from the winds were actually less than when the dryer spins. I did talk with a couple neighbors who were staying in their RV's, they said they were "rockin-n-rollin". Not me, I was just on the "spin cycle"!

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