Tiny House Photo

Tiny House Photo

Thursday, May 30, 2013

White fire at the ranch

This week has been very exciting. On Memorial Day a fire broke out at the Sage Hill campground off of Paradise Road just north of the fire ranger station. The fire quickly engulfed the campground and moved east toward the ranch. VERY quickly the mountains were on fire. In just 15 minutes the fire hopped from one mountain to the next and burned all the way to the top! Our only exit was blocked. Soon all the surrounding communities were involved to put out the fire. There were trucks, air tankers, helicopters and ground crews. With the winds gusting to 60 mph what started as a camp fire became a 2000 acre wild fire. Luckily, this area is a national forest so it is not densely populated and no one was hurt.

Then, on Wednesday May 29th I was jolted awake by a 4.6 earthquake! I immediately thought that Abby, Tilly and I were going to flip over and slide down into the ravine. This was the biggest quake I have felt since moving to California.

Happily, I can say that we survived both the fire and quake with no casualties.


  1. Oh, Nanc! How scary!! I remember during our visit how you were concerned about the blocking of the road and getting home to your babes. So glad everything turned out ok!
    For some reason I just discovered and enjoyed all your blogs. I thought when I became a "follower" that I'd get automatic emails when you posted something new? I love revisiting the Ynez with your stories, advice and photos. Gawd, the dusting of the blinds sounds like purgatory!

    1. Fires are scary but firemen/women are great!

      Blind dusting: Boy, I didn't think that one through. At least I have lots of time to dust now. :)